Todesstoss – Das Liebweh-Dekret CD [PRE-ORDER]


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1. Antirobotid (07:31)
2. Tanz der Tausend Masken (10:33)
3. Ihre Gebilztheiten (08:47)
4. Greiser Witz schwelt im Geschlecht (10:20)
5. Ghulismus (23:54)
6. Bannflucht Sahnenland (02:49)


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After 7 long years of silence, Martin Lang’s TODESSTOSS return with a new full-length, “Das Liebweh-Dekret”, yet another masterful effort by the German artist, active for almost 25 years behind the Traumorgane moniker in multiple art fields and author of a surreal and unconventional black metal.
The sound is raw and sharp, perfectly calibrated on oblique and sinister melodies always on the verge of derailing. Compared to the latest works, namely “Hirngemeer” (2015) and “Ebne Graun” (2017), the depressive black metal component is perhaps more evident, so much so that “Das Liebweh-Dekret” seems to reconnect the threads with dark jewels of the past such as “Sehnsucht” and “Spiegel der Urängste”, but with more theatrical emphasis. The genius of Lang makes every composition unpredictable and exciting, in its development as well as in the menacing atmospheres and in the twisted arrangements, in which echoes of his dark electronic project, VENUSPULS, are also recognizable.
Sixty-four minutes long and accompanied by a rich graphic apparatus which – as in every work by TODESSTOSS – amalgamates together lyrics, music and images, “Das Liebweh-Dekret” is an exhibition of atrocities, a theater of the absurd, the musical representation of a physical and mental discomfort that Lang transforms into an extreme artistic gesture.

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FFO: Burzum, Urfaust, Silencer

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