Midnight Odyssey – Closer to The Sky CD [PRE-ORDER]

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1. Souls Left Wandering (08:59)
2. Lightning Fall (09:58)
3. Closer to The Sky (09:02)
4. Awakening (06:27)


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Having concluded the Biolume trilogy, Dis Pater’s MIDNIGHT ODYSSEY return with “Closer To The Sky”, a new EP released digitally before the Australian band’s return to European stages for a successful tour.
It is now available on a limited CD, with a cover by Francesco Gemelli which incorporates the design created for the tour shirt.
“Closer To The Sky” explores the more classically symphonic black metal side of MIDNIGHT ODYSSEY, made up of sumptuous nocturnal melodies that elevate the spirit, majestic orchestral scores rich in nuances in which Dis Pater embeds wonderful cosmic choirs, telling once again the mystery of existence and otherworldly dimensions in which life and death are inextricably intertwined forever.

Digipack CD, limited to 400 pcs
Incl. Bandcamp Digital Download and Streaming
FFO: Dimmu Borgir, Emperor, Limbonic Art

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