Occulta Veritas – Irreducible Fear Of The Sublime CD [PRE-ORDER]


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1. The Mirror Stage (07:57)
2. The Sacred Horizons of Totality (04:42)
3. Metonimia (03:49)
4. S(A) (04:19)
5. Bound to Incompleteness (05:31)
6. Irreducible Fear of the Sublime (05:47)


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Guitarist of NOISE TRAIL IMMERSION, Daniele Vergine is a musician who has in his strings not only the post-black metal played by the band he is part of, but also the darkest and most atmospheric black metal. He demonstrates this in his solo project, OCCULTA VERITAS, debuting with the album “Irreducible Fear Of The Sublime”. As the title suggests, it is a dive into the beauty of darkness, sublimated in songs with intense melodies and riffing.
Despite the tight rhythms, the complex harmonic constructions, the chromatic richness and the accentuated dissonances that run through it, “Irreducible Fear Of The Sublime” hides a poetic and philosophical soul, expressed both in the sumptuous cover painting by Vama Marga and in a veiled melancholy that seems to envelop all the songs and that comes from having probed the depths of the unconscious, in the wake of the studies and theories of French psychoanalyst Jacques Lacan. Partly instinctive drive, partly projection of desires, the music of OCCULTA VERITAS is another torch lit in the darkness of the spirit.

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FFO: Blut Aus Nord, Deathspell Omega, Noise Trail Immersion

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