Deadly Carnage – Manthe CD


1. Drowned Hope (7:28)
2. Dome Of The Warders (6:46)
3. Carved In Dust (4:47)
4. Beneath Forsaken Skies (5:21)
5. Il Ciclo Della Forgia (5:59)
6. Electric Flood (3:36)
7. Manthe (14:35)


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Deadly Carnage “Manthe” is an enigmatic word that simply refuse an easily perceivable sum of its complex stream of consciousness.Ultra-material feelings mixed with the corporeal struggle, self destructive understanding of guilty and modern disease are the ingredients of this new entropy .
Moving from the Black Metal hemisphere Deadly Carnage sailed to the open seas taking contact with the post-black metal and doom worlds. New elements become part of the Deadly Carnage experience as the Tabla as the transverse flute in order to brake the horizons of the celestial cage of illusions, taking a breath of the rotten earth but flowing in the essence of the universe dust.

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