Adamus Exul – Arsenic Idols CD


1. Discordant Rebirth
2. Arsenic Idols
3. Veins Ov Drought
4. The Devastation Archives
5. Redux : The Separatist Movement
6. Isolation Wounds ( The Absolution Obsolete )
7. Artistic Extinction : Innovation Via Desecration


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Arsenic Idols features seven anthems of cold venomous black metal art, modern yet raw. Nothing to do with any plastic pseudo-pro attitude of the second wave of satanic black metal Adamus Exul starts where Deathspell Omega stopped staying within the obscurantist avant-gardist temptation and crossed the Rubicon. Adamus Exul step from the religious black metal orthodoxy and experiment new fields of personal descent to the sinister fields of the dark lord.

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