Spectral Lore / Jute Gyte – Helian CD


1. JUTE GYTE – Helian I (20:01)
2. SPECTRAL LORE – Helian II (21:31)


Total Time 41:32


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I, Voidhanger Records proudly presents a split album featuring two of today’s most eclectic metal bands, Greece’s SPECTRAL LORE and JUTE GYTE from Missouri, USA.
The sole projects of Ayloss and Adam Kalmbach respectively, both acts are recognized as true innovators, always interested in exploring new musical territories, completely unconcerned about the trends that currently dominate metal and its sub-genres. Despite the obvious differences in terms of style and approach, SPECTRAL LORE and JUTE GYE have found a common ground in “Helian”, a poem written in 1913 by the great Austrian expressionist poet Georg Trakl. For Trackl himself “Helian” was “the most precious and painful” poem he had ever written; for Ayloss and Adam Kalmbach is an inspirational source to further investigate themes that have always informed their poetic visions, focused – like Trackl’s poem – on a lush and vivid Nature soon turning into an Autumnal landscape, close to die. SPECTRAL LORE and JUTE GYTE’s progressive, experimental metal assumes here the tone of a painful observation on death and the decadence of man, victim of the incomprehensibility of existence, the impenetrable mystery of God, and the misery and desolation it all brings.
The whole album finds a synthesis in its cover art, the famous “Tod und Mann” (Death and Man) painting by Egon Schiele, one of Gustav Klimt’s pupils and among the most important exponents of the Viennese Expressionism.

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