Inhumankind – Self-Extinction CD


1. Double-Headed King (2:29)
2. Annihilation Of All Inferior Thought-Forms (2:28)
3. Against All Odds (2:47)
4. Citizen Qayin (3:38)
5. Land Of The Shells (3:52)
6. Blue Skin (3:05)
7. Antinomic Self-Cosmogony (2:23)
8. Self-Extinction (2:42)
9. Eternal Sleep (3:13)

Total Time 26:37


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A duo from Barcelona, Spain, INHUMANKIND is the audacious project of two young musicians, Pablo Selnik (flute) and ?lex Reviriego (double bass), both active in many underground avant-garde acts and both in love with a wide spectrum of music, including black metal, contemporary, free jazz and noise. “The INHUMANKIND project emerged a couple of years ago,” Selnik explains; “after working together on several projects, we decided to start playing some black metal covers re-arranged for a flute/double bass duo, but soon we realized there was some kind of potential on it, and we started writing original music, prioritizing a personal style and music language.”
The result is “Self-Extinction”, a short but very intense and satisfactory album produced by Colin Marston. It reflects the band’s audacity and marked individualism, as well as its spiritual approach to darkness and its manifestations through many left-hand-path archetypes: qliphotic tree, hermetic kabbalah, grimoric magic and multi-pantheon deific masks like Lilith, Kali, Qayin, and Samael, all in a subtle, non-explicit way. Graced with the intense vocal performances from Celeste Alías and Marta Valero, and the occasional death growls of Eric Baule (MOONLOOP), “Self-Extinction” is an inventive work of de-construction and transfiguration of the metal genre. Acoustic heaviness and depths are granted by the low frequencies of Reviriego’s double bass, while the frantic, orgiastic melodies played by Selnik’s diabolical flute blend in perfectly with the ritualistic vocals adding an enigmatic, esoteric aura to the whole.

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