Perished – Kark CD


1. Introduksjon
2. Imens Vi Venter…
3. Stier Til Visdoms Krefter
4. På Nattens Vintervinger
5. Iskalde Strømmer
6. …Og Spjuta Fauk
7. Befri De Trolske Toner
8. Renheten Og Gjenkomsten
9. A Landscape Of Flames
10. Kald Som Aldri Før
11. Gjennom Skjærende Lys


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[Digipak] Satyricon and Enslaved have been milestone builders for the Viking-inspired theme of the Norwegian Black Metal saga. But there’s an hidden gem, born out of the Norwegian womb, that the acolytes of this unique 90s Black Metal atmosphere recognize as a classic: this is Perished’s “Kark”.

Formed on 1991, Perished forged 2 solid demos, “In Hoc Signo Vinces” (1993) and “Through the Black Mist” (1994); the “Perished” EP released in 1996 soon became an iconic collector item and granted them a deal for the release of their debut album on Solistitium Records, the same label of bands like Behemoth, Horna, Helheim, Isvind, Nocternity, Tsjuder & Wyrd.

“Kark” was published the first time in 1998 on both Cd & Limited LP edition: an admirable example of darkly epic Norwegian Black Metal, where overwhelming riffs were taking the folk inspiration to the evocative goal.

Strictly limited to 600 copies, the deluxe Digipak CD edition of “Kark”, will include a retrospective of the album concept and musical inspiration made by the band as well as 3 bonus tracks: the previously unreleased song “A Landscape of Flames”, and the 2 tracks from the “Perished” 7” EP, “Kald Som Aldri Før” and “Gjennom Skjærende Lys”.

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