Kommandant – Blood Eel CD


1. Absolutum (4:05)
2. Blood Eel (7:15)
3. The Struggle (5:25)
4. Ice Giant (8:47)
5. Cimmerian Thrust (7:42)
6. Aeon Generator (7:10)
7. Moon…The Last Man (8:14)


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Limited to 300 units A5 Digipak edition. During their years of activity KOMMANDANT showed how consistency can match in a constructive way with progression forging a solid extreme metal aggression.

The misappropriate ear can easily point out how a crossover of Black Metal & Brutal Death can be a label for KOMMANDANT, but the story is far more complex. “Blood Eel” is the most obvious symptom of this artistic path.

The production is taking the coldness of the ’90 bm fetish to a professional and powerful soundscape where all instruments take part to the murderous party.

Drums performance is huge and if any reference can be recalled as the Marduk capability of Panzer Division, this one meets the darker and oppressive side of Black Metal on the guitars side.

Following the eureka moment of the cover the cruelty of human nature meets the purity and apparent starlit calm of the cosmos, with something breeding on the background ready to explode. The moment after the first atmospheric suspense of the intro is a storm of aggression, where the few moments of peaceful interludes just make the whole thing even more impressive.

KOMMANDANT combine the strength of Marduk & Infernal War with the subtle shadings of conceptual depth.

Feeding on the confusion and scorn of our times, this is the sonic renaissance annealed by a hammer of destruction.

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