An Isolated Mind – I’m Losing Myself CD


1. We Are Fragile Vibrations (1:06)
2. Afraid Of Dissonance (6:03)
3. Eternity In A Minute (6:49)
4. Turritopsis Dohrnii (9:58)
5. Pathologized Existence (6:35)
6. I’m Losing Myself (8:31)
7. I’ve Lost Myself (17:42)


Total Time 56:34


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Based in California, USA, AN ISOLATED MIND is the one-man experimental metal project of Kameron Bogges, who has given birth to a genuinely surprising and genre-defying album. Despite its deep roots into atmospheric post-metal, “I’m Losing Myself” embraces both death and doom metal as seen through the altering lenses of ambient music. The result is a psychedelic journey into a wounded psyche, a downwards spiral into feelings of melancholy, angst and depression.
“This album was written and recorded after being diagnosed with bipolar disorder and spending a week in a psychiatric hospital,” Bogges reveals. “I spent the following year walking the fine line between psychotic delusion and spiritual epiphany, systematically doubting and reconstructing my psyche to accommodate my newfound reality.”
Music-wise, “I’m Losing My Mind” is heavy as it is ethereal. It lives in a constant equilibrium between the sheer power of death and doom metal riffs filtrated through a post-metal sensibility and the delicate sounds of synthesizers, that add a hallucinated feel to the whole.
A limpid picture of the artist’s mental condition, the debut of AN ISOLATED MIND recreates his painful inner struggles, and in Bogges’ own words it’s “a journal documenting the terrors and bliss of losing oneself to the mysteries beyond reason.”

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