Tempestuous Fall – The Stars Would Not Awake You CD

1. Old & Grey 10:39
2. Beneath A Stone Grave 14:09
3. Marble Tears 13:16
4. The Stars Would Not Awake You 10:56
5. A Cold Stale Goodbye 14:33


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TEMPESTUOUS FALL is the funeral death/doom project of Dis Pater, the Australian artist behind the acclaimed black metal acts MIDNIGHT ODYSSEY and THE CREVICES BELOW.
Through 5 majestic songs, the band’s debut “The Stars Would Not Awake You” paints a nocturnal world of romanticism and decadence. A place of the soul, where the broken dreams and the bitterness of life turn into dark poetry and fly on the wings of elegant and moving melodies, granitic guitars, and sumptuous arrangements of keyboards and violins, while growl and clean voices tell stories of Love and Death.
“I feel genuinely positive about Tempestuous Fall,” says Dis Pater. “It’s a bit of a milestone for me, something I have wanted to do for so long, but just never really sat down and did it. I guess the only thing holding me back was myself.”
With TEMPESTUOUS FALL Dis Pater has revisited the early 90’s death/doom metal of My Dying Bride and Anathema, re-thought through the experience in Midnight Odyssey and enshrouded in modern funeral doom atmospheres.
“I realized something that maybe is obvious to other people: My music represents the part of me that remembers and holds on to memories,” explains the artist, “the memories of first listening to certain bands and feeling that tremendous sensation of something that completely expresses the thoughts and problems inside me. This new album is one of the truest expressions of my inner self, even more so than Midnight Odyssey or The Crevices Below.”

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