Lascar – Wildlife CD

1 The Disdain 06:27
2 Petals 06:06
3 Submission 05:57
4 the Zenith 06:43
5 Fatigure 07:01
6 The Majestic Decay 08:02


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Dreaming & evocative music as the unique Lascar experience is able to spread, Wildlife is slightly different from Saudade for a more varied songwriting approach, alternating mid tempo to some faster parts, in a more many-sided way.
A sensible romantic vision on the naturalistic world is the exact picture that Lascar’s music paints on the canvas.
Luckely this mature form of musical evolution is not missing their introspectve target. The sometimes apparently calm feeling give a chance & glimpse to the modern man to further investigate about the sense of loss and misunderstanding of the schizophrenic human evolution. The web lays over our head.

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