Kreationist – Dans L’Interminable CD


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1. Mandoline (5:01)
2. Il Pleure Dans Mon Coeur (4:06)
3. Colloque Sentimental (4:15)
4. Walcourt (4:44)
5. Interlude (2:34)
6. Extase Langoureuse (4:28)
7. La Bonne Chanson XI (3:37)
8. Soleils Couchants (4:17)
9. Dans L’Interminable (5:15)


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Hailing from Belgium, KREATIONIST debuted with the “Indulgence” EP in 2019, gaining the attention of critics and fans thanks to a sombre, visionary piece spiced with moments of trip hop. The new album, “Dans L’Interminable” evolves on these same premises, mixing atmospheric doom/black metal with ambient music and post-metal, but with better production and an exquisite songwriting focused on crepuscular melodies. If the debut EP used poems from French genius Arthur Rimbaud, the lyrics for “Dans L’Interminable” are taken from the oeuvre of Rimbaud’s contemporary (and one-time lover) Paul Verlaine.

“KREATIONIST was born from my fascination with Paris’ Fin de Siecle period, the end of the 19th century,” sole member Vidi explains. “While spiritual seances and satanism were going mainstream, a loose gathering of poets, ‘les Poetes Maudits’, made it their mission to turn poetry upside down and inside out. Among them, Paul Verlaine stood out with his decadent symbolism and iconoclastic verses.”
A notorious drug addict and alcoholic, Verlaine brought a new kind of poetry to life, and with its bold approach KREATIONIST has composed a variegated – yet coherent – soundtrack for his melancholic observations. “KREATIONIST’ songwriting is based on atmosphere, not riffs,” Vidi says; “I will use whatever it takes to make the song flow and the words come across. Limiting yourself to one single music genre or style would significantly narrow down the different forms a song can take.”