Woebegone Obscured – Deathstination CD

1. A Gust Of Demention 10:03
2. Maestitia 11:04
3. Coils Of Inane Comatose 11:26
4. Stalactites 03:39
5. Deathscape 08:49


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Originally self-released in 2007 and already a cult album, Woebegone Obscured’s debut Deathstination is a nihilistic near-death experience. Blackened funeral doom/death metal fueled by inner thoughts of black holes, dark nature, occultism, melancholy and suicide feelings.
A must for those into the dark heaviness and the crushing sounds of Evoken, Thergothon, diSEMBOWELMENT, and Esoteric.

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