Véhémence – Assiégé CD


1. De Célestes Cavalcades (04:33)
2. Assiégé (08:16)
3. Le Sang Respire Encore (07:20)
4. En Quête Du Graâl (10:50)
5. Chant D’honneur (07:53)
6. Par Sombres Forêts Et Vastes Plaines (06:09)

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French Medieval Nostalgic Black metal as only Hirilorn milestone ” Legends of Evil and Eternal Death ” was able to deliver.
Véhémence – Assiégé will manifest on an ancient uncorrupted vision.
This album is darkly epic in every aspect, a perfect soundtrack for taking back from our memory images of struggle, battle and desolate battlefields together with a gasping of partly submerged melancholy.

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