Útgarðar – Fire Smoked Upon the Wolf’s Back CD



1. The Pyres of Útgarð 05:02
2. Ymir Awakens 05:38
3. Trolls of Muspel, Trolls of Frost 7:58
4. Fire Smoked Upon The Wolf’s Back 6:20
5. Under Soil 6:57

Total running time: 31 min 55 sec


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In the Shadow of the Horns is where Útgarðar dwells, old-fashioned and rustless. They take the best of 90s black metal in terms of sounds, reverbs and atmospheres, with unique and inspired guitar riffs and abysmal pounding drums. Time has passed so quickly but those echoes are still strong enough to inspire a new generation of acolytes of the Northern darkness. The reference is certanly to Bathory’s first album as to “A Blaze in the Northern Sky” by Darkthrone, where a primitive musicality was still the predominant factor. There is the exact same raw but evocative power and the same genuine inspiration here, but with a better sound, a more powerful mix and all those underlying nuances that are sorely missing today. “Fire Smoked Upon the Wolf’s Back” will become a reference point for everyone nostalgic for the frozen sounds of 90s black metal.

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