The Loom of Time – NihilReich CD

1 The Ashes Of Your Fall 6:38
2 The Pinnacle Of Hypocrisy 4:39
3 The Cries Of The Weak 5:31
4 The Greed Of Lesser Men 5:23
5 The Peons Of The Cosmos 6:41
6 The Fight For The Subhuman 5:20


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Luxury Limited to 300 copies Digipak Edition with extensive booklet. The Loom of Time is a novel blend of black metal, death metal and doom – music that constantly forges forward, but keeps its roots in the unassailable heritage of rock and heavy metal. In a world of passionless, formulaic music, Loom gives us a glimpse of what metal might have been had the genre progressed without leaving behind the grit, fire, depth and creativity that today’s trend-chasers never seemed to grasp. Some people may recall shadings of the early Marduk saga or references as Immortal, Emperor, tempered with Candlemass doom epic & Angel Witch feeling, creates a sound that keeps the soul of heavy metal intact, whilst stepping forward musically and lyrically – facing the questions that confront mankind, that may never truly be answered.

The band is a perfect example of the ATMF attitude, innovative but rooted to the past, moving forward and forging new classics

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