Spectral Lore and Mare Cognitum – Wanderers: Astrology Of The Nine LP [PRE-ORDER]


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1. SPECTRAL LORE – Mercury (The Virtuous) (8:36)
2. MARE COGNITUM – Mars (The Warrior) (9:25)
3. SPECTRAL LORE – Earth (The Mother) (11:56)
4. MARE COGNITUM – Venus (The Priestess) (12:27)
5. MARE COGNITUM – Jupiter (The Giant) (15:04)
6. SPECTRAL LORE – Saturn (The Rebel) (10:14)
7. MARE COGNITUM – Neptune (The Mystic) (11:38)
8. SPECTRAL LORE – Uranus (The Fallen) (12:24)
9. MARE COGNITUM and SPECTRAL LORE – Pluto (The Gatekeeper I – Exodus Through The Frozen Wastes) (11:30)
10. MARE COGNITUM and SPECTRAL LORE – Pluto (The Gatekeeper II – The Astral Bridge Approaching The Frozen Gates) (12:00)


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Veterans from countless successful releases including a seminal split album (“Sol”, 2013) that cemented their friendship and earned them unconditioned esteem and love from the atmospheric black metal aficionados, SPECTRAL LORE’s sole member Ayloss and Jacob Buczarski from MARE COGNITUM join forces once again for another mystical trip through the stars. Monumental and daring in its length and scope, “Wanderers: Astrology Of The Nine” is a thematic journey through our solar system, illustrating and anthropomorphizing it into mythology which parallels our own humanity with the science of these mysterious formations.“Inspired by Gustav Holst’s Planets suite, we continue the exploration we began many years ago with ‘Sol’,” explain the artists; “we traverse outwards from the sun to each planet, weaving fables through a synthesis of their distinct physical features and a mythical personhood representing these features.”
Graced with a wondrous cover painting by the inimitable Elijah Tamu,“Wanderers: Astrology Of The Nine” is nothing but a never ending quest for mankind’s cosmic origins, a celestial and philosophical observation on the notes of MARE COGNITUM and SPECTRAL LORE’s music, perfectly in the balance between progressive yet furious black metal, and moments of ecstatic, melodic beauty.
“While we wish to capture the awe of the raw, natural beauty of our cosmic surroundings, we have also created our own cosmically inspired lore with each planet as our muse,” say Ayloss and Buczarski; ”therefore, each track is a narrative which represents our admiration for each cosmic entity: the psychic manifestations that were conjured through our own wonder of the majestic planetary system we call home.”


Triple 12″ vinyl record in trifold gatefold sleeve.
Includes download of a digital version of the album.

Weight 1000 g