Selcouth – Heart Is The Star Of Chaos CD


1. Strange Before The Calm (6:24)
2. Nightspirit (6:43)
3. Gaia (4:49)
4. Querencia (3:44)
5. Hopes And Lost Treasures (4:47)
6. Below Hope (4:25)
7. Sunless Weather (4:11)
8. Flying Canopies (6:46)
9. Rusticus (7:49)


Total Time 47:38


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SELCOUTH is a collaboration of fantastic individuals from various nationalities and backgrounds, boldly flowing jazzy avant-garde tunes to metal, rock and post-this-and-that. Born as an always-evolving project with no musical boundaries, SELCOUTH currently include musicians from Finland, France, Spain, Russia and Argentina, all doing this for the love of the game. Among them, the whole Khanus’ line-up, as well as members from Smohalla, Stagnant Waters, Pryapisme, Fixions, As Light Dies, Aegri Somnia, Monje de Fuego, etc.

With such premises, it doesn’t come as a surprise that SELCOUTH’s debut full-length album, appropriately titled “Heart Is The Star Of Chaos” presents itself as a visionary and multi-faceted work where metal has been melted together with progressive, jazz-fusion and avant-garde music, to obtain an amazing new alloy held together by lush arrangements of guitars and keyboards, creative rhythms, a vast array of male and female vocals, slanted yet memorable melodies, and a truly unpredictable songwriting.

Wrapped in a wonderful cover painting by Katrine Lyck, and with lyrics built around Jukka Ylisuvanto’s poems, SELCOUTH’s “Heart Is The Star Of Chaos” is an emotional rollercoaster that will certainly please all those who hold dear the music of Virus, Ved Buens Ende, Arcturus, Peccatum, Solefald, Sleepytime Gorilla Museum and Sigh, as well as 70s prog and fusion giants like Magma, Weather Report and Mahavishnu Orchestra.

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