Lustre – Lost In Lustrous Night Skies CD


1. Spirit (12:06)
2. Echoes Of Transcendence (06:32)
3. Into The Ancient Darkness (08:42)
4. Neath The Black Veil (08:38)
5. Resplendency (03:58)


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“Lost in Lustrous Night Skies” is a collection of unreleased tracks on cd format of many hard to find ep and cassettes songs limited and mostly sold out. For many years Lustre have produced memorable songs not grouped on a comprehensive release, “Lost…” is the answer. Where cold winds blow and vision are getting an hypnotic shamanic strength, Lustre are king.

Inspired by the Burzum most inspired acts Black Metal amplified by the evocative potential of an ambient atmosphere the transcendental goal is achieved.

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