Kosmovorous – Glorification Sermons CD


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1. The Perilous Flesh And The Devouring Light (10:26)

2. Flagellation Litanies (11:15)

Total Time 21:41


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“Seek not for salvation behind words, the soporific seeds of beguilement. Seek not for morals beneath flesh, those fetid blots. A cathode necessary to all breathing cells.” -S.
Founded in 2013 by S. (bass) and Antinomos (guitars), with Valkenstijn (MOSAIC, NACHTMYSTIUM, SUN OF THE SLEEPLESS) joining on lead vocals two years later, KOSMOVOROUS is a mysterious black metal entity born to exalt the Ophidian ways of the pneuma.
The band’s debut EP, “Glorification Sermons” is a relentless and brutal assault on the senses. The work is composed of two long and complex compositions, two majestic psalms that flay our skins with merciless lashes of utter black metal violence, before soothing our wounds with painful melodies poised between melancholy and rage.
The chemistry between Antinomos and S. is total, with guitars and bass intertwined into some of the most epic and darkest black metal arrangements of the last few years. KOSMOVOROUS’ devastating wall of sound takes the breath away; and yet, the spiritually elevating power of “Glorification Sermons” is undeniable, with Valkenstijn’s heartfelt, tortured vocals adding depth and drama to a picture already orientated towards great sceneries of sufferance and retribution. A debut that will surely be talked about.
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