Fell Ruin – To The Concrete Drifts CD


1. Respire (1:25)
2. The Lucid Shell (9:50)
3. Spy Fiction Folds On Ready Streets (8:03)
4. To Wither The Golden Rose In Bloom (7:42)
5. …And Choking On Nocturnal Breath (10:05)

Total Time 37:25


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Hailing from Michigan, USA, FELL RUIN debuted in 2015 with “Devices”, a promising EP through which they started refining a personal metal formula that was described as “a potent combination of black metal, progressive metal, and heavy, grinding doom — ominous, perilous, and mesmerizing”.

“To The Concrete Drifts”, FELL RUIN’s sophomore release and first full-length album, is an ever evolving metal soundscape of dark, surreal narratives that sets the bar even higher thanks to gigantic structures, acoustic interludes, unexpected bursts of death metal, guitars like broken glasses cutting flesh and bone, and an omnipresent black-doom aura wrapping everything up and almost crossing the borders with sludge metal. FELL RUIN’s songs liquefy under scorching black metal riffs, in an unrestrained progression into the fray. Crawling towards insurmountable peaks of vehemence, they congeal around melancholic, compassionate melodies, suggesting a definitive abandon to the billows of living.

With “To The Concrete Drifts”, FELL RUIN have spawned a cathartic construct, an epic, existential lore centered by avant-garde architects creating their grand design and succumbing to the trials, tribulations and adversities faced in the pursuit of transcendence.

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