Elegiac – Pagan Storm CD

1. Rituals of War 8:17
2. Allegiance and Honor 5:07
3. Somber Morning 10:20
4. Through Ancient Eyes 7:33
5. Purity of Winter 7:03
6. Golden Fires of Victory 6:49
7. Pagan Storm 7:16
8. Ancient Spirit 9:41


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Forging the New wave of USBM Elegiac are into this creative and productive overwhelming attitude that all the most influent bands of the ’90 where in at their very beginning.
Nevertheless ”Pagan Storm” is moving from the more straight ahead approach of the previous “Black Clouds of War” to a more varied and
mature song-writing, alternating the typical assaults to solid imposing mid tempos.
The feeling getting in to the album is to proceed deeper and deeper into the heritage gut.
Pagan Storm dwells with the most typical references of the early Scandinavian heritage influenced by the more pragmatic synthesis of the
USBM roughness.
On the aesthetic musically manifested on a rude attitude, not caring about all the modern post frills, we can perceive “Pagan Storm” as the
voice of the rotten ruins, an echo of the primordial hate.
Strictly limited to 300 copies edition on the same quality digipak format.

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