Crooked Mouth & Headstone Brigade – Crooked Headstone CD


Includes code for Bandcamp streaming & download of the digital version of the album.


1. Knife (3:05)
2. Old Shipwreck (5:37)
3. Compassion (3:11)
4. Cedar Incense (4:41)
5. Loam (4:12)
6. The Sun Sets Behind Us
7. Ever Onward (3:54)
8. Nighttime in Sonnenheim (2:23)
9. Within Without (5:32)
10. High Tide (9:50)


Total Time 44:59


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“Two bold voices resounding from deep within the Pacific Northwest darkfolk zeitgeist amalgamate as one on “Crooked Headstone”, the collaborative album between British Columbia’s CROOKED MOUTH and Washington State’s HEADSTONE BRIGADE. For years, each project has toiled alone in a decaying genre, carving singular identities capable of breathing new life through masterful melodies and incredibly dense doses of poignancy.
Bend your ear to a headstrong integration of ethereal guitar driven ballads, forlorn sea shanties, and anthemic neofolk shadowed by ever-changing orchestrated layers. The call to adventure resounds through skilled songwriting, biting tales of restless disillusionment, and voices that adeptly blend as one. Together they shout across the sprawling, rolling gulf and call for a radical optimism desperately lacking in our soulless age.
Listen! Heed that distant call. Take to the seas with an inexorable craving for the unexplored and unclaimed. Scale peaks, explore valleys, and, most importantly, go within. Move ever onward!” -Shawn Hachè