Corpus Diavolis – Atra Lumen CD

1 Revelations Before Dawn 06:22
2 The Ardent Jewel Of His Presence 05:52
3 L’Oeil Unique 05:54
4 Signs Of End Times 04:12
5 Wine Of The Beast 06:27
6 Flesh To Flesh 04:52
7 Thy Glorification 03:37
8 Sick Waters 06:46


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The immanent shadow of the dark one guiding the Initiate bringer of the dark light to the path of knowledge, the essence of the earth and the realm of the flesh.
Musically conceiving a ritualistic feeling into the vibes of Black Metal, Corpus Diavolis never got tempted to lose themselves on their own musical maelstrom, forging a solid and threating monumental opus. They embrace this feeling forging a solid sound, without running the risk to fall on the chaotic mess nowadays dominating some disharmonic projects.
Conceptual point of references are Ceremonial Magic, Shamanism, Tarot, A. Crowley esoteric journey, A. Jodorowsky philosophical transcendence. Atra Lumen was recorded, mixed and mastered in April and May in the Priory Recording Studios, Birmingham UK by Greg Chandler (Esoteric, Lychgate). The French satanic acolytes recently shared the stage with bands like Inquisition, Belphegor & Nightbringher.

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