Alkuharmonian Kantaja – Shadowy Peripherals CD


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1. Shadowy Peripherals
2. Ocean Of Senses
3. Harbinger (Of The Fallen Hearts)
4. Hounds Of Man
5. The Hands Of The Nebulah
6. I Am Of The Beholder
7. Past The Final Winter


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ALKUHARMONIAN KANTAJA (in English, “One Who Carries The Original Harmony”) is a fresh perspective back into the world of avant-garde black metal of the days gone. An entity born in Oulu, Finland in 2020 by J. Usurper of KHANUS fame (bass, guitars, vocals), complimented by the likewise Oulu native S. Redeemer (drums) and reaching its full potential through the Swiss based D. Harbinger (keys).

“Shadowy Peripherals” is ALKUHARMONIAN KANTAJA’s ambitious debut album. It is an introspective journey deep into the depths of the human mind, the spirit, the self. A duality of ýearning and satisfaction, a deep dive into our primal beastly animal nature with glimpses into the soothing nostalgic realms of the mind, dwelling in toxic depressive darkness on a quest for something that perhaps never even existed.
A playful yet bitter play of words and sounds of human nature in constant conflict. Of disappointments carried through generations and the search for eternal understanding. From the mundane observations of this carnal reality into pondering the universal truths of existence we all might realize one day (maybe too late), that which we all carry within us – The Original Harmony.