Aeon Winds – Aeon CD [PRE-ORDER]


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1. Aeon 03:20
2. To The Darkness He Went 06:30
3. Between the Dawn and the Dusk 06:30
4. Unwanted Truth 04:27
5. Born From The Stars I 03:59
6. Born From The Stars II 02:45
7. On The Wings Of Ravens 03:15
8. A Forest (The Cure cover) 08:13
9. Long Dead Dreams 05:06
10. The First Rays Of The Moon 04:30
11. When The Lights Fade Out 05:05
12. One Hundred Years (The Cure cover) 06:36

Total duration: 1:00.40


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Fourteen years ago, the Slovak black metal band Aeon Winds released
the material that marked the beginning of their journey. The demo,
“Aeon” now comes in an extended, remixed edition in digipak format
under the wings of Aeternitas Tenebrarum. In addition to several bonus
tracks, the release features two covers by the British legends, The
Cure. “Aeon” documents the beginnings of Aeon Winds, the leading
Slovak band in the field of atmospheric black metal.

This edition has 3 more tracks than the demo. The demo was re-mastered and some parts were re-recorded, and the bonus tracks were remixed and remastered.


Format: 6 Panels Digipak
Record Label : ATMF
For Fans of: Midnight Odyssey, Emperor

Weight 150 g