Ysengrin – Réincrudation CD


1. Sumbolon (2:43)
2. Sans Apput Et Avec Appui (5:59)
3. Interludium (1:31)
4. As Flittermice As Satans Spys (6:28)
5. Trinus Et Unus (1:09)
6. Abstinence (7:11)
7. Monumentum (5:58)
8. Misterium (3:08)
9. L’Étrange Maison Haute Dans La Brume (4:19)
10. Ouverture (0:57)
11. Antéros (3:35)
12. Mystères de L’Artifex (17:05)
13. Iose (3:20)


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Under the guidance of French guitarist/singer Guido Saint Roch, YSENGRIN play what they call ‘hermetic dark metal’: esoteric, occult music that reminds of a Middle-Age of metal, when there were no boundaries between its sub-genres, and when spontaneity and attitude were the most important values.
With their primitive style YSENGRIN capture the essence of early 90s Hellenic black metal as well as MORTUARY DRAPE’s morbidity and death fascination, dipping everything into the doomy, 70s-tinged heavy metal of DEATH SS and MERCYFUL FATE.
For the first time ever, both YSENGRIN’s demos from 2010, “Archivum MMV-MMX” and “Alchimëte”, have been totally remastered at Bell Collars Bizarre (HOWLS OF EBB) and collected on a single CD under the title of “Réincrudation”. The album program includes a very personal rendition of a DARKTHRONE’s classic, “As Flittermice As Satans Spys”, as well as an exclusive bonus track featuring Costas “Dead” (OBSECRATION) and the German purveyor of dirt known as Blacksnake Nadasdy.

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