The Burning – Summoning the Lost Energy 2CD

Disc 1
1. Black Source of Infinity 10:48 Show lyrics
2. Doors to Open 02:50 instrumental
3. Timeless Cosmic Unity 07:40
4. Ancestral Dance of Anger 03:25
5. Nightside Wanderer Part 1 08:05
6. Nightside Wanderer Part 2 07:19
7. Nightside Wanderer Part 3 04:32
8. Nightside Wanderer Part 4 06:27

Disc 2
1. Beyond the Stars 19:07
2. Solitary Fields 17:08
3. The Mighty Dead 05:


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The Burning was the pre-Lustre project. Some of you may wrongfully consider the same as a rough version of the Swedish acclaimed project but are really missing the target.
The Burning is like watching the majesty of the nightsky, a large and even more dreaming version of the darker and more depressive declination that Lustre took later on.
The 2cd edition is a comprehensive collection of all material released by the The Burning, nothing missed. Atmospheric Black Metal at the state of art, where a deeply emotional keyboard layer is like shred by the abrasive primeval guitar sound.

The edition is a limited to 600 copies Gatefold Digipak version.

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