Sarmat – Dubious Disk CD+DVD


CD: Dubious Disk (17:27)
DVD: Live at Menegroth (24:35)


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In a perennial search for new talented artists, the path of I, Voidhanger Records could not but cross that of SARMAT, a formidable New York progressive metal band influenced as much by jazz fusion as by science fiction. And, no imagining the Mahavishnu Orchestra playing Gorguts’ repertoire doesn’t do SARMAT’s style justice… though it’s certainly a good place to start.
SARMAT debuts with “Dubious Disk,” a special limited edition CD-EP recorded live at Colin Marston’s legendary studio, featuring bassist/pianist Steve Blanco of IMPERIAL TRIUMPHANT and PAK, and guitarist Oleg Zalman of ARTIFICIAL BRAIN. The CD is accompanied by a 24-minute DVD that captures the entire performance of the band, with the addition of interviews and behind-the-scenes footage.
The composition of over 17 minutes that SARMAT has ironically entitled “Dubious Disk” is a live improvisation on the main themes of a track taken from the band’s imminent first full-length, “Determined To Strike.” What surprises about SARMAT is not only the technical expertise and artistic inventiveness they demonstrate, but above all the fluency with which – despite their young age – they handle extreme metal and jazz fusion so that one does not prevail over the other. A melodic grandeur of cosmic proportions holds everything together, with trumpet, and flugelhorn performed by Cameron Carella embracing scorching riffs of guitars and earth-shaking rhythms of bass and drums.
The future of progressive metal is decidedly in good hands.

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