-S- – Dom, w którym mieszkał Wąż (A House Where Dwelled A Snake) LP


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1. Gość w Dom (Guest Into House) (11:35)
2. Piorunoschron (Lightning Shelter) (7:16)
3. Janvs Absconditus (7:40)
4. Powroty (Returnings) (14:15)


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Doom occvlt funk infused with the blackest of metals. A requiem for wretched, frustrated faustian spirits.
Obtrusive dreams and voluptuous nightmares.
Stupefying abundance of confusion.
Power without will.
Rebellion without belief.
Enslavement through liberation.

There are two of you.
Each one its own enemy.
Zealous strangers.
Deluded into the pit.
Infected dwelling.
A shattered nest.
Thy house is built of venom.