Prometheus – Aornos CD


1. Epiclesis (2:11)
2. The Devouring Chasm (7:37)
3. Slithering Tongue of Lethe (8:02)
4. Mnemosyne (9:04)
5. Vessel of Empiricism (5:37)
6. The Alpha and the Omega Revealed – Pt. 1 (8:24)
7. The Alpha and the Omega Revealed – Pt. 2 (13:57)


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If the soul of the previous album, “Resonant Echoes From Cosmos Of Old”, was equally divided between cavernous death metal and symphonic black metal, the new and third work by the Greeks PROMETHEUS sports a more homogeneous and coherent character.

In “Arnos”, black and death metal meet in a sulphurous spiritual dimension of terror and darkness, traveling on the wings of majestic and enveloping music. To give body and depth to the songs, PROMETHEUS also add synths and ancient instruments of the Greek musical tradition to the classic metal instrumentation, building a rich and elegant atmospheric frame around compositions otherwise violent and praising chaos. As the splendid cover by Dimitrios Ch.Kosmas suggests, “Aornos” is an album that has its literary roots in the myth of Charon and the river Lethe, therefore in the eternal tale of Death and beyond. PROMETHEUS tell its places and laws as if they had really traveled to the afterlife… and perhaps this is not so far from the truth.

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