Precaria – Nigraluminiscencia LP


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1. Ritus Primordiales (1:13)
2. Ex Abyssia (9:09)
3. Traficando los Ó
rganos de la Iglesia (8:29)
4. La Obra Negra Deicida (6:07)

5. Ritus Absconditus (1:18)
6. Ex Nigredo (12:06)
7. Darkness Is My Light (4:44)
8. Heautontimorumenos (8:24)


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PRECARIA’s “Nigraluminiscencia” reunites on one single vinyl all the band’s tracks from a diptych of split albums (2018’s “Metamorphosphoros”, with Deathspiral of Inherited Suffering and Dominus Ira, and 2020’s “Theosulphuros”, released in parallel and featuring Ôros Kaù) centered around the concept of Theion, the divine fire of transformation. Divide into two parts – the first one chaotic and annihilating, while the second more inclined to obscure melodies – “Nigraluminiscencia” investigates the idea of fire as beginning and end of all things; an alchemical “luminescent darkness” that enlightens the spirit sunk into hellish depths. PRECARIA’s black metal is an esoteric probe on the border between darkness and light, propitiating the descent of the soul to the abyss and its consequent ascent to attain a state of purification. Something that can be ultimately achieved through death.

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