Mare Cognitum – The Sea Which Has Become Known CD


1. Internal Deliquescence (9:31)
2. Vehement Coalescence (7:22)
3. Lustrate (7:08)
4. A Vain Lament (7:53)
5. The Immortal Plague (7:31)

Total Time 39:25


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MARE COGNITUM’s debut album, “The Sea Which Has Become Known”, was originally released via Bandcamp in 2011 as a digital album, and one year later as a tape on Milam Records. It needed a split release with label mates SPECTRAL LORE (“Sol”, 2013) and three more full-length albums (“An Extraconscious Lucidity” in 2012, 2014’s revelatory “Phobos Monolith” and 2016’s crowning achievement of “Luminiferous Aether”) to finally impose Jacob Buczarski’s project on the metal audience as a true originator and leading exponent of the so called atmospheric/cosmic black metal genre, together with bands like Darkspace and Midnight Odyssey.
Before embarking on new space adventures, MARE COGNITUM proudly offer their fans their first opus on CD and LP format and in its unadulterated form, to preserve the spirit of the original recordings. “The Sea Which Has Become Known” is as relevant today as it was more than 6 years ago; the first significant step in MARE COGNITUM’s voyage towards the stars.

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