Incantvm – Strigae CD


1. Dies Irae (2:32)
2. Il Cerchio e il Fuoco (14:56)
3. Lamie (10:08)
4. Il Processo (9:56)
5. Al Rogo! / Dies Irae (1:57)


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INCANTVM, a new project by clarinetist VittorioSabelli, former member of Dawn Of A Dark Age and Notturno, is a real black doom orchestra in which Sabelli surrounded himself by a plethora of exceptional musicians, to give shape to “Strigae”, the band’s debut album.

The vocal parts are entrusted to the interpretation and expressiveness of singer Tenebra (Dreariness) and of singer/interpreter Nequam (The Magik Way), both authors of a masterful and theatrical performance. The drums are played by Aeternus of Handful of Hate, the bass is by Rubrum, while Sparda and none other than Sakis Tolis (Rotting Christ) alternate with the choirs. Sabelli adds his clarinet, sax and piano. Appropriately wrapped in a celebrated painting by Salvator Rosa from 1646, “Strigae” is an album from the past, a concept centered on witch hunts and summary trials that sentenced hundreds of women to the stake during dark and terrible centuries.

Quite obvious is INCANTVM’s call to the great concept albums of the so-called progressive “dark sound” of the 70s, to groups such as Black Widow, Atomic Rooster, early Black Sabbath, High Tide and Monument, which in terms of inspiration would then have given birth to metal formations such as Death SS, PaulChain, The Black and Pentagram, among others. The theatrical and prog nature of “Strigae” is enhanced by a rich instrumentation which includes violin, trumpet and double bass and that gives elegance and beauty to INCANTVM’s long compositions, stylistically close to the atmospheric black metal, the horror-tinged doom and the occult metal of Opera IX, Mercyful Fate and Mortuary Drape.

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