Cerulean – Carrion Angel CD


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1. Tower Of Silence (01:24)
2. Sky Burial (03:53)
3. Carrion Angel (06:18)
4. Gnashing Of Teeth (03:18)
5. Shroud Of Locusts (05:10)


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During the scorching Arizona summer of 2017, CERULEAN began as a solo project of guitarist/singer Stephen Knapp in order to explore the highly dissonant realm of black and death metal. Bassist Jared Jonhson, guitarist Garrett Davis and drummer Ben Wilson joined the band not long after, and in 2023 CERULEAN moved to the San Diego metal scene releasing “Carrion Angel”, the first of a two part EP that marks a refinement of the sound from Knapp’s first two demos.

CERULEAN intertwines black and death metal in a frenzied dissonant cacophony balanced by head-banging grooves and sections of atmospheric reprieve embodying the same chaos and anxiety as the mind it originates from, to offer the listener a unique and varied aural journey.
“The intricacy of the music is head-spinning and goes off in so many unpredictable and unsettling directions that it may leave your mouth hanging open,” No Clean Singing wrote about “Carrion Angel”, originally released via Bandcamp and now available on CD from I, Voidhanger Records. The next and more experimental EP is scheduled for the second half of 2024.

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