At The Altar Of The Horned God – Through Doors of Moonlight LP


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1. A Ka Dua (4:19)
2. Before The Flames Of Undefiled Knowledge (6:37)
3. Prayer I (5:24)
4. Prayer II (Oh Glorious Pan) (4:49)
5. Perdition In The Oneness (4:20)
6. Malediction (5:56)
7. A Circle Of Swaying Leaves (4:39)


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Conceived by sole member Heolstor (MYSTAGOS) as an ode to Nature, Spain's AT THE ALTAR OF THE HORNED GOD bring together the black metal primitivism of ARCKANUM, the ritualistic atmospheres of URFAUST and the fascinating elegance of DEAD CAN DANCE. "Through Doors of Moonlight" is the project's first emission: a collection of dark hymns, nocturnal chants and pagan prayers addressed to Pan, Cernunnos, Bacchus and other ancient divinities that guided humanity in times before time. “The album is a summoning ritual to the Cloven One, the One With Horns,” Heolstor explains; “a supplication for him to take our hands and lead us in an ecstatic journey down the River of Oneness, across the Many- Layered Earth.”

Although the music of AT THE ALTAR OF THE HORNED GOD is mostly slow and meditative, there are bursts of violence and unbridled fury, as a storm crossing a peaceful meadow. Organically mixing elements of black metal, ambient, pagan folk, gothic rock and religious music, Heolstor induces the listener into a permanent state of dark trance, a sublime vertigo.

The songs burn like sacred incenses altering the senses, while the curtains of our miserable reality crumble under psychedelic blows revealing the world of magic that surrounds us. And with it, our true scope: to pursue freedom and the fullness of being, in harmony with Nature.

As exemplified in the enchanting cover painting by Orryelle Defenestrate-Bascule, extraordinary artist and renowned scholar of esotericism, AT THE ALTAR OF THE HORNED GOD's “Through Doors of Moonlight” is a multi-faceted, multi- tiered aural fountain of madness and adoration sprouting from the soul, quenching the thirst for a coveted spiritual return to the primeval forest of existence.

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